Bringing Truck Hire & Rental into the 21st Century

In 2015, Truckworld Rentals have introduced new initiatives to protect customers, help the environment and save time!

NewsThe new initiative was designed to increase productivity of truck hire and rental, and reduce the collection and return times for drivers. All of this is done while increasing pre-hire accuracy recording, and saving the environment at the same time by reducing the annual printing of more than 20,000 pieces of paper. Implemented last week, and after a few minor technical tweaks, the initiative is now running effectively and meeting the objectives of the project.

In summary, every Truckworld asset has its own DNA in the form of a barcode that will stay with the asset for life. The barcodes are used to effect seamless administration of the rental from pre-hire to post-hire.

Using a bespoke ‘app’ on a mobile device, in conjunction with a small portable scanner, the Truckworld staff can quickly offer the client – at the point of collection – a comprehensive walk around the prime movers, semi-trailers, rigid trucks and tipper trucks, etc. During this pre-inspection the agent lists all of the key features of the asset being rented, leaving no room for future disagreements about physical features.

Features on the various vehicles may vary from rental to rental, based on the clients’ individual requirements. Before the bus or van hire and rental, a selection of pre-hire photos are taken, clearly identifying any pre-hire damage, missing items, etc. This eliminates any ambiguity at the point of post-hire that may only be noticeable the next day or several years in the future. Often the person that collects the asset is different from the person that operates it or returns it, leaving room for frequent disputes of the pre-hire conditions. Photos with a date and time stamp are proof, and help avoid unhappy clients and rental agents.

The client still has access to a formal rental agreement with the above attached so there is no cloak and dagger approach. The client will sign the rental agreement for a trailer hire and rental, bus hire etc. The client then receives a digital agreement, which is emailed, as opposed to a hard copy that frequently stays in the vehicle and is never looked at.

While the traditional method of listing features and marking damages on a line drawing of the asset has served us well over the years, it is now time to ‘go green’ and support the environment by offering our clients a fast, modern and thorough rental agreement via email.

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