Fair Wear & Tear

Fair Wear & Tear Guide Summary

Fair Wear & Tear
Missing service manual/Owners manualNo
Missing keys or Security system remote (If applicable)No
Missing/damages cigarette lighter,Knobs,Trims,aerials,Tools,Jack etc.No
1 or 2 minor chips,bullseyes and stars (Not in field of vision)Yes
Major chips,bullseyes and stars (and minor chips in field of vision)No
Non-operations or cracked/broken headlights or lensesNo
Unroadworthy due to flat spotting, scallop, and puncturesNo
Missing spare tyreNo
Wheel Trims (Including hubcaps)
Missing,split,badly disfigured,heavy scuffingNo
Minor scuffingYes
Interior trim/Upholstery/Carpets/Controls
Screw holes from car phone, etc removalNo
Seats/trim – burnt, cut, holed, ripped, visible repairsNo
Soiling to seats and carpets – caused by normal useYes
Permanent soiling to seats and carpets – caused by abuse, spills, grease, etcNo
Rips, cuts, marks, splits to trim and controlsNo
Normal odoursYes
Torn or split luggage area trim panels and floor coveringsNo
Tobacco smellsNo
Minor scratching – less than 25mm in length and shallow, 2 per panelYes
Major scratching – more than 25mm in length and deep, more than 2 per panelNo
Minor touch ups or minor flakingYes
Prominent touchups, spoils from bird/tree droppings, major flakingNo
Major abrasions – more than 25mmNo
Dents – greater than 20mm diameter or paint surface penetrationNo
Dents – less than 20mm diameter, no paint surface penetration and no more than 2 per panelYes
Hail damage, buckling, distortion, missing badgesNo
Minor stone chipping on bonnet, lower doors, wheel guardsYes
Prominent areas of major stone chippingNo
Un-repaired or poorly repaired aerial holes (or aerial must be left in place)No
Damage caused to the vehicle due to the attachment or removal of decals/stickersNo
Damage to paintwork from bird and bat droppingsNo
Minor parking damage – scuffing, light scratchesYes
Medium damage – divots, gouging, minor dents, cracksNo
Major damage – rips, major dents, distortions, holesNo
Missing moulds, grilles, bumpers or mudflaps originally fitted to the vehiclesNo
Minor dents and deformationsYes
Major impact damageNo
Exhaust leaks which are the result of visible damage to the exhaust systemNo
Mechanical Condition
Failure to service and maintain the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, resulting in premature component or assembly failure (e.g. engine seizure, metal to metal brakes, transmissionNo
 Failure to make equipment available for Truckworld to arrange service and maintain the vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, failure to notify Truckworld Rental of monthly odometer reading, resulting in premature conponent or assembly failure (e.g. engine seizure, metal to metal brakes, transmission failure)No