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Prime Movers Hire Perth

When it’s time to haul a big load and your fleet is slim on the ground, a prime mover from Truckworld Rentals is your sure-fire solution to a difficult problem.

Our prime movers are expertly maintained and fully geared up to tackle any challenge you throw at them. Hire a model that feature the very latest technology that keeps your drivers safe, and makes transport more efficient and affordable.

Various models in our fleet boast advanced features like fatigue management, detailed driver behaviour monitoring systems and real-time driver visibility. You’ll still know where your driver is and what he or she is doing, just like it was a part of your own fleet.

Take advantage of sophisticated technologies like satellite navigation, GPS tracking and data collection and Anderson battery jump points. You’ll also find accurate invoice information as standard in all our prime mover rental agreements, including time taken, km travelled, etc.

We go the extra mile to make prime mover hire simpler and more affordable. As part of our service, we’ll provide you with the log in details to our easy-to-use, online software. From there, you can generate detailed activity reports, and even check your truck’s location, the route it has taken and its current speed.

You’ll find our prime mover hire rates flexible enough to fit your needs seamlessly. We offer highly competitive short and long term rental agreements and friendly, knowledgeable support staff to assist you every step of the way.

Discover the Truckworld Rentals difference for yourself. Call our friendly team on 9251 6200 or submit an enquiry and we’ll get back to you!